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spring cleaning goes with daylight savings, right?

Hokay, so during a lull at the office last week, I started poking through old unfinished memes and the following has come out of it so far.

Aiofe was born and raised on her family’s sprawling estate. Amber is like a world unto itself, with news and visitors from the outside carefully restricted. Her parents tell her that she’ll be allowed to travel when she’s older; until then, Aiofe contents herself with the the inventions in her workroom, building both practical and fanciful creations that she hopes one day to share with the world.

Everything changes at the height of summer when a steam-powered flying craft crashes on the edge of the property. The flyer’s only occupant is a young woman of Aiofe’s age, and with nearly the same name. Aife, the young pilot, suffers only minor injuries, but her flier is completely disabled. Aiofe offers to help her repair it and, dodging the watchful eyes of parents and servants, the girls form a close bond. Aife tells stories of her family's life as explorers and the far-flung places they have been. Aiofe decides to leave with her at the first opportunity.

The flyer is nearly complete when Aife's parents turn up looking for her and their own messy history with the Amber estate comes out into the open. Will the conflict between their families tear the girls apart? Or will they find a place of their own?

The Train Job (or 5:28 to Yuma)

Once upon a time in the west, the ability to safeguard one’s wealth and secrets was vital, and not something you always wanted to trust to the bank or the local lawman. Enter Dominic Cobb, designer of the most impenetrable personal safes and strongboxes ever conceived. With his equally brilliant French bride in tow, Cobb made his way all over the Western Territories, providing peace of mind to all and sundry (at a modest fee, of course). Somewhere along the way, though, Mrs. Cobb found herself in the clutches of laudanum and soon preferred her half-dreaming life to anything else.

The Cobbs were traveling for pleasure--their wedding anniversary--the night everything went wrong. No one knows exactly how Mallory Cobb got onto the roof of that train, but everybody saw her fall. And very few people believed her husband when he said he didn’t do anything to help her up there (or help her over the side).

After months on the run, Cobb finds himself approached by a mysterious entrepreneur named Mr. Saito. Saito’s business rival, Maurice Fischer, is on his death bed and his son, Robert, is poised to take over. In order to defend his market share, Saito has commissioned a forged copy of the elder Fischer’s will to motivate Robert into splitting up his father’s holdings. However, Saito needs this will planted in Fischer’s personal safe, which is considered uncrackable by its manufacturer. Saito proposes that if Cobb can get to Fischer’s house and plant the documents before Robert can arrive, he’ll use his influence to get the Marshals to call off their manhunt. Out of options, Cobb accepts.

Now, it’s a race against time as Cobb hurries to San Francisco ahead of Robert Fischer’s entourage. Accompanying him are Arthur, a former law man and formidable sharpshooter; Eames, the British forger responsible for the will and fond of sawed off shotguns; and Yusuf, a chemist whose concoctions may prove vital to the safecracking if conventional methods fail. During a run-in with Pinkertons on their way to California, the group picks up one more compatriot--Ariadne, a would-be schoolteacher whose thirst for adventure and quick thinking helps the boys evade capture.

Just when everything starts to run smooth...enter the Veiled Lady. Cobb starts to notice a woman in black, her face hidden by a hat and veil, who he claims is following them. No one else in the group can ever catch sight of her, and they begin to worry that the pressure of the job is making the boss crack--that is, until they start seeing her too. Who is she? What does she want? And is it a trick of the mind, or does she really resemble the late Mrs. Cobb?

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!

Aaaand, as I continue to work on more meme blasts from the pasts, why not have a fresh one:

Give me two characters and a prompt (or not) and I will write porn.

The following caveats apply: no promises for how long or how explicit said porn will actually turn out to be, but there will be two (or more) people engaged in some form of sexy times. Also, feel free to get as AU as you want with your prompts.

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